Tenuta dei Templari

History, Elegance and Taste in the heart of Apulia

A Reception Hall, a Restaurant, a Hotel: welcome to Parco dei Templari. A magical place that will transport you to a timeless dimension, into an era when the Knights Templar crossed through this land, choosing it as a place to gather supplies, thanks to its fertile terrain, and offering protection to the pilgrims going to the Holy Land.


Today, that place has been reborn, and continues to dig up its history, coming alive again thanks to a skilful reconstruction that preserves the traces, still visible today, of the old structure, with signs that reveal an ancient chapel, perimeter walls and some subterranean caverns. The multiple settings within the Parco dei Templari complex make this place a splendid backdrop for celebrating important events, such as your wedding.


Gardens with emerald lawns, trees, and centuries-old olive trees, gushing fountains, full of cinematic contrasting colours, creating a harmony designed to take your breath away. As well as the fairytale outdoor environments, the Parco dei Templari Reception Hall welcomes you into a great circular hall with a large fountain in the centre, the meeting point of two splendid Reception Halls: the Cupola Hall and the Templar Hall.


The Parco dei Templari gourmet restaurant offers you a one-of-a-kind sensory journey. Our skilled chefs are masters in combining culinary innovation with ancient Mediterranean tradition, mixing in the highest quality produce that comes from our land. For events and ceremonies, you can customise the menu in order to give your guests a unique experience. Completing the complex and its offer is an elegant Hotel, lovingly renovated in harmony with the surrounding area. Comfort and relaxation are our speciality, and guests can take advantage of the tranquillity, whether they are on holiday or travelling for work.

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